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Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community. We look forward to seeing new faces and meeting new people who care about our mission as much as we do. Your helping hand means so much to us! Please send us an email below to start the process of becoming a volunteer.  Working with us is a great way to earn volunteer hours! We also love large groups to help with  special projects.  

The Academy for Learning and Character Development was an AWESOME experience! I loved teaching the older kids how to play basketball and helping around the office, the kids always gave me increased energy to dominate the rest of my day. Being around youth, truly energizes! Although my volunteering time is coming to an end, I plan on coming back and helping out when needed. ALCD is great place to help the Huntsville Community, and assist help empower young leaders for our future. If you are looking for a fun, cool, energizing place to volunteer, I recommend The Academy for Learning and Character Development. Thanks ALCD, for improving our Youth and Community!

"My son Devin has been attending ALCD for 7 years now. I was very adamant about placing my child in daycare at only a few months old and also having seizures. They showed me the curriculum they used; let me know their daily routine. My child has developed Spanish language, along with fast motor skills. My child learned his name, colors and everything that is needed to learn to prepare a child for kindergarten. He is now currently in the 2nd grade and they continuously help him not only with his homework but expanding his mind. I have seen a development change in my child that a lot of children his age have not accomplished. ALCD has been there not only for my child but also for me. I consider the daycare workers and owner not only a worker or child care provider, I consider them family. They take in all different types of children and expand their minds and develop manners for child development. My son doesn’t like to do the After School Care Program that is offered through the school, he wants to attend the day care until I get off work and the day care picks him up every day and shows him how much he is appreciated and loved, now that is more than just any day care that is attentive love and affection that is shown not only to my child but each child enrolled there at the facility. The potty training, scheduling, play time, curriculums, and etc... can be challenging yet they do it every day. I would highly recommend this facility for ANY child and parent that wishes to enroll in a daycare."


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